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United Medical Testing Offers Free COVID Testing In The United States. Stop By One Of Our Convenient Locations Today To Get Tested. Low Cost Options For The Uninsured. Friendly Staff And Quick Results. Thanks For Using United Medical Testing!

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Our Free COVID-19 Tests Are Fast And Accurate. Stop By One Of Our Convenient Locations Today! 

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United Medical Testing is One Of The Fastest Growing Clinical Testing Centers In The United States. 

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What are Rapid Testing and PCR Testing?

Rapid testing and PCR testing are two methods used to diagnose infectious diseases. Rapid testing is based on the detection of antigens, which are molecules that trigger an immune response in the body. In rapid tests, antigen-specific antibodies detect the presence of a virus or bacteria by binding to its proteins. Meanwhile, PCR tests are based on the amplification of nucleic acid, such as DNA or RNA. These tests take longer than rapid tests and are considered more accurate as they can identify very small traces of virus material.
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Our goal is to raise awareness, so people get tested regularly. If you get tested you can stay ahead of COVID-19 and make sure you keep the people close to you safe. Get tested today and keep the community safe. United Medical Testing offers premium service that is hassle free. Our tests are completely free, and we don’t need your insurance.

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Here at United Medical Testing we truly care about what our customers have to say to us. Your feedback is appreciated.

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 We have grown into a nationwide operation. United Medical Testing has over 40 locations in the USA.

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Our testing staff is always friendly and professional. Our goal in to ensure fast testing and friendly service. 

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United Medical Testing Offers Free Covid-19 Rapid And PCR testing. Low Cost Options For Uninsured. Get tested today.